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Defined in file : brainvisa/types/builtin.py

Used in the following processes

Anatomist Check Register
Anatomist Show 3D Activations
anatomist Show fMRI-MRI Fusion
Anatomist Show Graph
Compute pairwise distances for a given sulcus
Import T1 MRI
Validation_0 Commissure Coordinates
View Deformation Field as a displacement grid
View Jacobian Determinant of Deformation Field
Vip Bias Correction

Associated formats

Aperio svs
BMP image
BrainVISA volume formats
DICOM image
ECAT i image
ECAT v image
FDF image
GIF image
GIS image
gz compressed ECAT i image
gz compressed ECAT v image
gz compressed GIS image
gz compressed MINC image
gz compressed NIFTI-1 image
gz compressed SPM image
gz compressed VIDA image
Hamamatsu ndpi
Hamamatsu vms
Hamamatsu vmu
JPEG image
Leica scn
MINC image
NIFTI-1 image
PBM image
PGM image
PNG image
PPM image
Sakura svslide
SPM image
TIFF image
TIFF(.tif) image
Ventana bif
VIDA image
XBM image
XPM image
Z compressed ECAT i image
Z compressed ECAT v image
Z compressed GIS image
Z compressed SPM image
Z compressed VIDA image
Zeiss czi

Associated ontology rules

Key attributes

  • freesurfer :
  • subject
  • brainvisa-3.2.0 :
  • rescan ,  acquisition_date ,  time_point ,  time_duration ,  center ,  subject ,  acquisition ,  normalization ,  Study ,  analysis ,  graph_version ,  sulci_recognition_session ,  Template ,  manually_labelled ,  automatically_labelled ,  warping_method ,  acquisition_sequence ,  processing ,  template ,  transformation ,  space ,  origin_subject ,  segmentation_method ,  tracer
  • brainvisa-3.0 :
  • protocol ,  subject ,  spm_normalized ,  filename_variable ,  acquisition ,  center ,  analysis ,  template ,  transformation ,  warping_method
  • brainvisa-3.1.0 :
  • protocol ,  subject ,  acquisition ,  normalization ,  analysis ,  center ,  template ,  transformation ,  warping_method