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Defined in file : brainvisa/toolboxes/morphologist/types/anatomy.py

Used in the following processes

Anatomist clusters inspect tool
Anatomist Show Connectivity Profiles of a Specific Cortical Element
Anatomist Show Gyrus Parcels Texture
Anatomist Show Lobes Parcels Texture
Anatomist Show Model Parcels Texture
Anatomist view 4-coloring Map
Anatomist view connectivity
Anatomist view connectivity matrix
Anatomist view Connectivity ROI Texture
Anatomist view Connectivity Texture
Anatomist view Constellation colormap
Anatomist view Group Label Texture
Anatomist view mozaic visualization of fibers
Anatomist view mozaic visualization of textured mesh
Brain Tracts Filtering
Brain Tracts Filtering - MRtrix
Cleaning Isolated Vertices
Clustering From Reduced Group Matrix
Clustering From Reduced Individual Matrix
Constellation Group Pipeline
Constellation Individual Clusters from atlas pipeline - FSL connectome
Constellation Individual Clusters from atlas pipeline - MRtrix
Constellation Individual Pipeline - Connectomist
Constellation Individual Pipeline - FSL connectome
Constellation Individual Pipeline - MRtrix
Constellation Individual Sub-Pipeline
Dice Index
Extract clusters
Group Regions Filtering
Individual High Connectivity Regions
Individual Regions Filtering
Reduce Texture on ROIs
Reduced Individual Matrices From Group Regions
Reduced Individual Matrix From Filtered Reduced Profile
Resample mesh to Freesurfer Ico mesh
Smoothing of the Individual Matrix.
Sparse Individual Matrices and Profiles From Tracts.
Sparse Individual Matrices and Profiles From Tracts.
Ward Hierarchical Clustering Method
Write a different measures in csv file

Associated formats

BrainVISA mesh formats
GIFTI file
gz compressed GIFTI file
gz compressed MESH mesh
gz compressed MNI OBJ mesh
gz compressed PLY mesh
gz compressed TRI mesh
MESH mesh
MNI OBJ mesh
PLY mesh
TRI mesh
Z compressed GIFTI file
Z compressed MESH mesh
Z compressed MNI OBJ mesh
Z compressed PLY mesh
Z compressed TRI mesh

Associated ontology rules

Key attributes

  • brainvisa-3.0 :
  • protocol ,  subject ,  acquisition ,  side
  • brainvisa-3.1.0 :
  • protocol ,  subject ,  acquisition ,  analysis ,  side
  • brainvisa-3.2.0 :
  • time_duration ,  mapped ,  contrast ,  acquisition_date ,  time_point ,  rescan ,  center ,  subject ,  acquisition ,  analysis ,  side ,  inflated ,  modality
  • flat :
  • side
  • freesurfer :
  • side ,  subject ,  time_sequence ,  inflated
  • freesurfer-bids :
  • side ,  subject ,  acquisition ,  time_sequence ,  inflated
  • morphologist-bids-1.0 :
  • acquisition_date ,  time_duration ,  time_point ,  rescan ,  subject ,  session ,  acquisition ,  analysis ,  side
  • shared :
  • sulci_database ,  sulci_segments_model_type ,  side