Brain segmentation and sulcal analysis

  1. Fischer, G. Operto, S. Laguitton, M. Perrot, I. Denghien, D. Rivière, and J.-F. Mangin: Morphologist 2012: the new morphological pipeline of BrainVISA, In Proc. HBM, 2012.

Morphologist UI

Morphologist now has a new graphical interface, featuring simplified user experience and quick interactive visualization:


Docmentation can be found here

It can be run either as a standalone program (morphologist), or through BrainVISA.

BSA Atlas (Brainvisa Sulci atlas) v.2011

This atlas gives the probability of finding various cortical folds or gray nuclei across a population.


Probability maps

Probability maps corresponding to a few anatomical landmarks (cortical folds) overlaid on a T1 template


The outline at 50% of all the structures

Labels location

Location of sulcal labels mapped on a 3D representation of a refined version of the anatomical atlas (after a sulcuswise non-linear registration scheme).

HBM 2011 poster

A high-resolution full-brain probabilistic atlas of regions based on cortical folds

Atlas of Sulci with nomenclature table

Location of sulci named by their Brainvisa acronyms or their full anatomical names



Atlas estimation

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  1. Perrot, D. Rivière, and J.-F. Mangin. Cortical sulci recognition and spatial normalization. Medical Image Analysis 2011 paper


Defining anatomo-functional parcels
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Refining functional MRI analysis
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Functional connectivity
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