Other tools in the BrainVISA framework

SnapBase: snapshot automation for large databases

SnapBase allows to take snapshots of various neuroimaging data, for a set of subjects or entire databases. It may also make “poster” maps with all snapshots in a large picture. It is thus a convenient way to perform fast quality checks on the results of large datasets processings.

Snapshot renderings are done using Anatomist.

It can run independently of BrainVISA, or use the BrainVISA databasing facilities to select data.

SnapBase is designed as a modular tool: custom additional snapshot types may be added.

DataMind: statistical analysis and data mining

HighRes cortex: lamintion of the cortex

Analysis of the laminar structure of the cortex in high resolution MRI

For now it is a development library and tools, available on a public sources repository:


See also the development docs.

Primate segmentation toolbox

A segmentation toolbox dedicated to primate brain images is developed in MirCen, BioPicsel team. It is making use of some steps of the Morphologist pipeline, but is based on a probabilistic framework. It is designed to process macaque brains with T2 contrasts.

The toolbox documentation can be seen here.