Neuroimaging tools available to the community

Morphologist: Brain segmentation and sulcal analysis

Cortical surface analysis

Anatomist: Data visualization and library of high-level neuroimaging graphical components

3D histology

Intracranial electrodes implantation

Primate segmentation toolbox

SnapBase: snapshot automation for large databases

DataMind: statistical analysis and data mining

Non-released applications

Constellation: Connectivity-based Parcellation

DISCO: constraints-based diffeomorphic registration

Baby toolbox

Nuclear imaging toolbox

HighRes cortex: lamintion of the cortex

WHASA: White matter hyper-intensities segmentation

Connectomist 2: Diffusion MRI and connectivity

SACHA: Hippocampus segmentation and morphometry

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Main partners

The 3 labs of CEA I2BM are developing and maintaining most of the BrainVISA infrastructure.

The CATI Neuroimaging project for neurodegenerative diseases analysis platform has based part of its pipelines and toolboxes on the BrainVISA infrastructure

The former IFR49 supported by the Inserm institute has had a large contribution to BrainVISA

The CNRS institute has been contributing through several labs, mainly the MeCA group and ARAMIS lab

The UPMC university has been contributing through several labs

ICM Institut du Cerveau et de la moëlle épinière

The Human Brain Project participates to some of the projects.